Apartment Montorgueil Paris

Interior design, furniture creation

In this decoration project of a Parisian flat, our aim was to accompany the owner in the life changes he was making both on the professional and personal levels.

He was leaving a very rational, cartesian, immaterial work environment to join a world of concrete creation and achievement.

First of all, as each one of us is unique, we endeavoured to identify which Feng Shui school of thought we were going to make use of. That of the Black Hat Tibetan Feng Shui emerged as the natural choice for it was ideally suited to the owner and his dwelling.

The next goal was to create this new world in which rationality and creativity would be rubbing shoulders.

We then decided to use the principle of Yin and Yang in order to give the situation concrete substance. We did this by interlacing very structured flat tints of colour with a very freely inspired decorative painting, some very urban decorative elements as well as very classic pieces in order to then lay down the foundations of his project making use of other codes equally inspired by Nature.