Promises statement

B3R2 Design draws its inspiration from the harmonious mixing of influences. Influences that nourish themselves from the meeting and fusion between:

stylized modernity and inspired classicism,
simplicity of lines and refinement of references,
natural sophistication and elaborate functionality,
subtly coloured graphics and shades that are of mineral sobriety, opening up to innovation and inscription in tradition.

Rich influences, therefore, to which are added the cardinal values on which our creation principles rest:

Passion and men

Each project, each creation is the direct tangible expression of the conscientiousness, the rigour, the passion and the creativity that drive the men who give birth to the ideas and carry them out.

Attentiveness, comprehension and respect

Our experience shows that each change of décor draws its roots from a desire more or less voiced, more or less conscious, to start a new cycle of professional or personal experiences. We are thus committed to listening, to understand and to respect the people who wish to be accompanied in their new desires, their new aspirations, their new projects. Feng Shui plays a very important role in the listening process and in the implementation of our commitment.

Translate, Compose, Create

B3R2 Design, through the Feng Shui prism and a rigorous selection of products and services, transforms your aspirations and desires into decoration.
We make the intangible tangible, translating and conferring colour, form and matter on that which is imagined.

Code of ethics, Health, Well-Being, Environment

If for B3R2 Design, passion is a powerful driver, there is another one whose importance is just as extraordinary: code of ethics. We take special care to respect the health and well-being of the occupants of the places decorated and of those who give shape to the décor, the craftsmen. To us it is vital to only make use of materials and techniques that are sound and respectful of the environment. The industry’s standards are still a long way from these concerns that are the privilege of only a handful of passionate craftsmen thanks in particular to the use of ancestral techniques and know-how. We therefore choose our craftsmen for their degree of opening to these public health issues. It is a vital part of our action to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment and to prevent a maximum of health hazards well before they occur.

Tradition and Modernity

B3R2 Design takes part in the perpetuation of the traditions and know-how of craftsmen the world over. We build a bridge between the most modern creation techniques and know-how that is sometimes thousands of years old by laying out digital modelling techniques just as naturally as Feng Shui, an art that is five thousand years old.


B3R2 Design proclaims with determination its stated intention to differentiate its approach from the uniformity that is typical of its time. We make the individual our priority. Each being is unique, just as is every decorative solution worked out. We place the uniqueness of this oversensitive experience at the heart of our concerns. Feng Shui is perfectly inscribed in this search for decorative originality and exactitude. This millennial art indeed opens the way to singularity by freeing itself from the closeness of the dangerous shores of standardisation. Each décor set is unique.

Our Design Principles

To create harmony in your residence.

To establish a long-term relationship of trust.

To offer you impeccable service, as prompt and of the highest value as possible.

To make your satisfaction our greatest priority.

To choose what we think are the best suppliers, the best craftsmen and the best products.

To use only the products and techniques that are most respectful of your health and the environment.

To be attentive to you at every step of your project.

To keep you informed on the progress of the work.


Designer’s profile

Nicolas Berthou

Nicolas Berthou has always loved decoration. Nevertheless, it took him a great many years spent in the study of structural mechanics, then of working in financial markets to finally face facts.

First in 2007, in observing the World around him, he realises that this last is undergoing a wave of significant and lasting changes. Then, some years later, thanks to an accident, he finally listens to his small inner path and chooses to make significant changes to his own life. His passion for decoration, art professions and new technology finally win the day. He decides to create B3R2 Design, a design studio.

Nicolas Berthou, filled with his convictions, then decides, first of all, to take into consideration and limit the impact of his activity on the environment, the health of the occupants of the spaces on which he works and that of the craftsmen. B3R2 Design is to favour the use of sound materials and techniques. Alongside this, he also looks at the way in which he can harmonise the house and favour the people who live there. Naturally, he decides to turn to a millennial Chinese art: Feng Shui. He undergoes training, passes a qualification and becomes a Feng Shui bio decorator.

Since then, Nicolas shares his time between décor and furniture making and gives of his best.